Unlock your unlimited potential
A Spiritual Coaching Program
By Rabbi Berel Lerman

Take control of your life and release your inner potential.

Do you wonder why you are here and what happens in the afterlife? Do you feel that you are falling short of accomplishing your life’s goals? Are you derailed by life’s unexpected downturns? 

Chabad-Chassidic Kabbalah has the answers.

Unlimited PotentialWhen one purchases a new gadget, s/he reads the user’s manual to know how to use it best. Life is no different. Where can one obtain a user's manual for life?

In this course, Seven Steps to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential you will be presented with a coaching program that will educate you of the inner makings of your being. You will learn how to not only take control of your life, but how to surge to greater heights.

Most self help books analyze the person from the outside in and overlook the main component of life itself, the soul. However, through understanding the various forces at play in one’s soul and studying the human being from the inside out, one can really take control of life.

In "Seven Steps to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential", a coaching and motivational program, you will get nothing short of a user’s manual for life!

You will learn techniques to master the inner makings of your being. The seven steps are structured around the 7 emotional powers of the soul. Each step will teach you how to navigate and apply another soul power. Through understanding your inner wiring and structure you will be in the best position to lead the most productive life possible.

This course has been taken and lauded by leading executives, socialites and professionals of all backgrounds who want to lead a more meaningful life.

Private and group courses with Rabbi Berel Lerman are available in NYC, the Hamptons and online via Skype. Course includes 7 sessions and student textbook. 

For more info contact: 347-446-1373 or email berellerman@gmail.com.

Book now and start taking steps to unlock your unlimited potential!